Sewer & Drain Cleaning

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New York City & New Jersey Drain Cleaning Services

NYC & New Jersey Sewer Drain Clogs are an all too common occurrence in today’s homes. It can be expensive and risky to fix without a professional. Finding a professional with his own premium set of tools for sewer cleaning is nearly impossible. Every plumber you meet will be hiring out jobs like these to sub contractors. Command Mechanical Sewer and Drain Specialists are one of the few drain cleaning companies in New York City that doesn’t subcontract. We do the work ourselves and our prices will represent that.

NYC & New Jersey Sewer Drain Cleaner

When your sewer or drain is clogged and your efforts to unclog it are not working, it’s time to call a professional. Our technicians use drain and sewer unclogging machines, electrical snakes and industrial strength rotor machines to deal with thick roots or heavy grease and deposits.

New York City sewer clog & drain pipe cleaning clearing clogged lines, rooter work and serves all of NYC.drainage toilet blocked water snake shower unclog sink best cleaner auger drains

High Velocity Hydro Jetting Services

High velocity hydro jetting is a high pressure process that clears blockages in pipe systems.

Routine maintenance using jetting will keep your lines clear and functioning and will minimize eventual blockages that can damage or break your lines. Our jetting equipment rids your sewers of blockages more quickly than any other conventional method available. High pressure water pumped through an assortment of special nozzles at pressures up to 4,000 psi power washes your sewers clean of obstructions and debris thoroughly cleaning and unclogging all sewer pipes while not causing damage to the system.

Hydro jetting, sewer jetter, machine service solution, cleanout pipes.

Commercial, Institutional, and Food Service Industries all can benefit from well-tailored maintenance of their drains. Preventative maintenance with High velocity hydro jetting can save down time from emergency blockages, prevent contamination from backups resulting in Health Code Violations or even give piece of mind that there wont be any surprises you haven't budgeted for. 

Before you are pushed to excavate a main line that could not be cleared by a mechanical snake, high velocity hydro jetting may save tens of thousands.



Grease Control

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The Top Weapon in the Underground War against Grease Sewer systems simply werent designed to handle the amount of grease pouring in from restaurants, homeowners and industry. Regardless of their design, your still expected to keep the pipes flowing, so the grease has got to go.

The BAD NEWS is that your systems pipe surfaces are porous, giving grease a foothold to hang on and accumulate.

The GOOD NEWS is that scientifically formulated Grease Release blasts out grease all the way down to the pores where it clings. These are then filled with surfactants that slow future build-ups and enhance preventative maintenance programs by coating surfaces with a grease-repelling barrier that makes cleaning simpler, easier and more effective.

Grease trap cleaning, drain snake, unblocker. 

Unlike other degreasing agents, Grease Release contains no phosphates or hydrocarbons that can harm the environment; instead, it features a unique blend of biodegradable, non-caustic and non- corrosive surfactants.


Use Grease Release without risk - performance is guaranteed


grease release trap cleaning drain snake unblocker before

grease release trap cleaning drain snake unblocker after